Chopin Lento con gran espressione

“Schubert’s sonata is a world of absolute music and this is the way the pianist has defined it. Her performance, extremely concentrated and calm, but full of internal fire brought Schubert closer to Beethoven. It will remain the Lisak’s secret how she has made Steinway sound and delight with tones far above its “physical” possibilities. Or perhaps it was Schubert himself who skimmed the strings from the other world.”
Silesia prezentuje

“The pianist displays not only great technical abilities, but also skills of fathoming composer’s message. All elements of the repertoire were performed with passion and proved Lisak’s musical sensitivity.”

“Such a sense of polygenism is a unique phenomenon among modern masters of piano. Only a few pianists feel and understand the paradoxicality, so willingly captured in music by the modern composers. For most of them the congenial Ligeti’s etudes are practically inaccessible – this increase the value of the Lisak’s pianism.”


Piano Recital in Tunis


May 10th, 7 p.m. Piano Recital Centre of Arab Music in Sidi Bou Said, Tunis programme: F. Chopin, K. Szymanowski, J. Zarębski